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Dr. Neal Clemenson Memorial Service

Michelle Wallace
The Great Plains Family Medicine Residency program is profoundly saddened to share that our Program Director, Dr. Neal Clemenson, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, March 1.

The Life of a Friend and Coworker Celebrated

Shonna Soria
Today we celebrate the life and service of our co-worker, Barbara Anspaugh.

Applicant Season

Dr. Jenna Geohagan, PGY 2
This time of year makes me reminisce on the excitement and accompanying stress that surrounds trying to figure out which program suits your educational, family, and overall life needs. Therefore, I wanted to highlight three of my favorite aspects of the Great Plains Family Medicine Residency Program, so applicants have a better idea of who we are as a residency program.

An Update from the Director

Neal Clemenson, MD

Integris Metro United Way Campaign - Wacky Bed Races!

Michelle Wallace
The faculty, residents, and staff at Great Plains came out to support the United Way Wacky Bed Races by entering two teams and they tied for 4th place!!

Integrated behavioral health services

Grace Wilson PhD
Nationwide, there is a movement towards collaborative medicine and integrated behavioral health services.

Home Where It Belongs...

Kelly Roberts
June 20, 2014 was a very good day...at least for the Great Plains Family Medicine Residents! The OAFP "Quiz Bowl" Trophy is now solidly at our home clinic for the 2014-15 year, thanks to Drs. Vonfeldt, Wright, Landt and Wheeler.

It's Almost Time!...

Kelly Roberts
Small changes are appearing around GPFM in anticipation of our incoming resident class.

Another Great Match!

Neal Clemenson, MD

New Year, Mid-Year

Terrence Truong, MD
After the blur of a whirlwind of a holiday schedule, GPFM physicians and staff alike reconnect with one another as we resume our work during this first full week of the new year.

New Year, Mid-Year

Posted by Terrence Truong, MD on 01/10/2014

After the blur of a whirlwind of a holiday schedule, GPFM physicians and staff alike reconnect with one another as we resume our work during this first full week of the new year.  The buzz of new year’s resolutions and bowl games’ outcomes has ebbed, giving way to discussions of the polar vortex, interviews, new workflows, and the upcoming flu epidemic.  The new year also heralds transitions for residency programs.  Each resident class experiences new challenges, responsibilities, and excitement. 

At the midpoint of the academic year, our PGY-I’s growth as family physicians is amply evident.  They are taking on more responsibilities, will see more patients per clinic session, and have more independent decision making.  The slope has been crested and only the minor hurdle of the board exam remains, as they make their way to the PGY-II year.  

Our PGY-II’s have settled into the rhythm of frequent clinic sessions, more outpatient experience, and night float shifts.  They are refining their skills, becoming more efficient and proficient family physicians.  The reality of career choices rapidly approaches as they venture into the very real world of recruitment and interviews. 

Our PGY-III’s have become competent, well-rounded family physicians who are now honing their expertise in our clinic and hospitals.  However, they are still too preoccupied to realize they should begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  With less than six months remaining, they are coming up on the crunch time for deciding on and finalizing the details of their future practices.  Meanwhile, they still have to prepare for the ABFM Board Examination in April of this year. 

Soon enough, everyone’s status will change.  Meanwhile, we revel in the present and cherish our time with our current residents at Great Plains Family Medicine.  Happy New Year!

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